Relative Performance (RP) is more important than Personal Record (PR)

Athletes are notorious for setting high expectations for themselves, especially in competitions. Most triathletes use time as their primary metric for measuring their performance in a competition. Going this route, though, can be misleading and often times disappointing, as finish time is only one of many elements in a race. Weather conditions, the course itself,...
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Motivation doesn’t happen at the garage

Greg posted Wednesday about motivation – he’s right. The wall by our garage is awesome. But let’s be honest: problems with motivation don’t happen at the garage or at the front door (on a related note, see the photo of the Ironman Lake Placid course poster that that’s hung in our foyer.) Motivation happens at...
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Motivation, Inspiration, Triathlon Medals, Race Numbers

Training Inspiration

We have a wall in our garage that we have started hanging our race numbers and medals.  It is fantastic.  Not only to reminder our accomplishments but also as a reminder that anything is possible. Our wall is located next to our garage door.  Every time we come home it is the last thing we...
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