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If a 4-year-old was a triathlete

On Thursday, Sasha will participate in her first “official” running race (The SOME 5k Turkey Trot in DC). Now, let’s be honest, she won’t run 5k – and I would be surprised if she ran...
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Motivation doesn’t happen at the garage

Greg posted Wednesday about motivation – he’s right. The wall by our garage is awesome. But let’s be honest: problems with motivation don’t happen at the garage or at the front door (on a related...
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Doubling Up – Time Management

In my previous post, I talked about how Planning is the key to training. Ironman is just as much a mental event as it is a physical one. But, you have to actually DO the...
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Plan Your Plan

The first question people typically ask after I say “yea, I’m doing another Ironman”, isn’t Why. It’s How. It’s a really good question. All endurance athletes I know – regardless of whether they’re marathoners, swimmers,...
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That Was Then, This Is Now

My husband has a great idea — what if we posted some old race reports? It’s been so long since my races, I wondered if I still had them. Gotta love cloud-based technology. My Ironman...
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