Managing Heat and Humidity in a Marathon: Key Takeaways from the Marine Corps Marathon

Marathon running is not just about endurance; it’s about understanding and respecting external factors that can impact a runner’s health and performance. One of the significant challenges marathoners face is coping with fluctuating weather conditions,...
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Incorporating Family Time into Your Triathlon Training Routine

Triathlon training is demanding, and so is family life. But who says they have to be mutually exclusive? With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of fun, you can seamlessly blend both, ensuring that...
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From the Boardroom to the Bike: Managing Stress in Work and Workouts

The boardroom’s high-pressure decisions and the bike’s relentless climbs have one thing in common: stress. In the demanding world of career-driven triathletes, it’s crucial to strike a balance, ensuring that stress doesn’t overpower productivity or...
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How my Garmin insults me, even after a marathon PR

A few weeks ago, I ran the Marine Corp Marathon, with a PR best in that race. Sounds great right? My trusty new Garmin watch didn’t think so. It even called me lazy. Here’s the story....
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