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Triathlon Parents

What began as a blog of Greg and Monique’s journey to tackle an Ironman, together, with 2 full-time jobs and 2 young children, quickly became a community for other Triathlete Parents who were clamoring to make it all work. These are stories that we hope will inspire you. Read them and weep, or potentially get inspired to try it on your own.

Our Story:

To Greg, rest is overrated. As a CEO of a small business, and 2-time Ironman finisher, he spends his workday applying his skill as a turnaround restructuring expert to drive business success. His experience with maximizing resources applies to all aspects of his life; Greg balances family, work and an ambitious training regimen, as he continues to tackle the seemingly undoable, successfully. Like the event itself, his daily life covers lots of different terrain.

Now a 6-time Ironman finisher, Monique is starting to think that, perhaps, she might actually be an athlete. Triathlons were supposed to be a hobby to alleviate the anxiety of turning 30, but more than a decade later, and after a 5-year hiatus to start a family, she’s hooked again. An MBA with a passion for sales management, and a reputation for getting things done, Monique has found (she thinks) an ability balance Ironman training with family life and career aspirations. She races to prove to her children (and still to herself) that anything can be possible with a bit of focus and a lot of effort.

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