Rolling Swim Start

IM Switzerland — When finishing is victory (Race Report)

“When someone can turn around their personal worst and make it a win, this is the true test of character.” — AJ Morrison (coach) Ironman Switzerland is a fantastic race with a breathtaking course that...
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IMLP Race Report: I saw the lightning & heard “all swimmers to shore”

This was my second Ironman  race — and finish — at Lake Placid. The first was in 2006, just two weeks before Greg and I were married. Then, I can remember thinking two things: (1)...
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Watering Down Ironman – the Rolling Swim Start

I’ve been out of the IM racing circuit for 6 years, and a lot has changed. Some things are good, some not so good. The one change that has me the most irked (thus far)...
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