Training motivation

The Courage to Start, Again

Burnout. Yep. I’ve got it. After completing 3 Ironman races in 2 years, and following that up with a Fall marathon, I gave myself the green light in October to take some time off from...
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Triathlons – A middle-age, newbie perspective

By Warren Shiver — I have the pleasure of working with two IronMan triathletes (Monique – the sponsor of this site and blog, and David Szen, who recently guest posted). It’s been amazing to watch...
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Racing through a crash — tales from Louisville

By Jenn McGrew Kiper – I have always been an athlete. I was a collegiate volley ball player, a short distance runner, a basketball player, etc.. But after 20+ years of running, I wanted to...
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Challenged Athletes Foundation receives recognition for the miracles they deliver every day

Something wonderful has happened between the time I was standing on  the edge of a ferry floating a few hundred feet from Alcatraz Island off the shore of San Francisco to last weekend when I...
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Is Ironman the new Marathon?

The same WSJ article that I mentioned in an earlier post noted that 185k people attempt an Ironman-branded race each year. Really? That number is nearly 20 times higher than what I estimated in 2004....
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Motivation doesn’t happen at the garage

Greg posted Wednesday about motivation – he’s right. The wall by our garage is awesome. But let’s be honest: problems with motivation don’t happen at the garage or at the front door (on a related...
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