Race Day

Racing through a crash — tales from Louisville

By Jenn McGrew Kiper – I have always been an athlete. I was a collegiate volley ball player, a short distance runner, a basketball player, etc.. But after 20+ years of running, I wanted to try something different. Fast-forward to 2013 when I decided – for my 40th birthday – that I would do a...
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A tee shirt and a medal – that’s the hope

By Josh Rosenberg – A little background on me.  I’m probably not your typical Ironman triathlete.  I’m there to finish.  A tee shirt and a medal – that’s the hope.  Seeing the finish line before midnight – it’s a win!  I think I’ve always kept my aspirations lofty in that, in the real world, people...
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Ironman Lake Placid

Ironman Lake Placid Race Report

Scenic Lake Placid, NY is home to one of the world’s most bucket-listed Ironman races. IRONMAN Lake Placid!  From its family-friendly locale to its exciting finish line, this Ironman has been chosen time and time again as one of the most appealing races the sport has to offer. Facts: Average water temperature: between 68-72 degrees...
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Kinetic 1/2 Ironman — A PR. Really?

The Kinetic ½ Ironman was a success for me. It was really a test to see how well I could get back into the swing of racing. I finished with a PR (personal record – sadly not saying much about my previous 4 half IMs), and mainly was a reflection of a good bike leg,...
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Is Ironman the new Marathon?

The same WSJ article that I mentioned in an earlier post noted that 185k people attempt an Ironman-branded race each year. Really? That number is nearly 20 times higher than what I estimated in 2004. At the time, there were only 5 Ironman races in North America races and a handful of ½ Ironman races....
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Chis McCormack, I'm Here to Win, Embrace the Suck

Macca: “Embrace the Suck”

When a legendary triathlete like Chris McCormack or ‘Macca’ (two-time winner of the Ironman World Championship), who has a reputation for being arrogant and cocky, decides to write a book about his personal and professional life, it’s only natural to be a little sceptical. More often than not, such books tend to carry a lot...
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with greg

That Was Then, This Is Now

My husband has a great idea — what if we posted some old race reports? It’s been so long since my races, I wondered if I still had them. Gotta love cloud-based technology. My Ironman Wisconsin race report (from 2004) is below. So much has changed between then and now: the number of Ironman races...
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