Ironman Lake Placid

Ironman Lake Placid Race Report

Scenic Lake Placid, NY is home to one of the world’s most bucket-listed Ironman races. IRONMAN Lake Placid!  From its family-friendly locale to its exciting finish line, this Ironman has been chosen time and time again as one of the most appealing races the sport has to offer.

  • Average water temperature: between 68-72 degrees Farenheit
  • Average finish time for 2013: 13 hours 11minutes
  • Most notable leg of the race: the bike course due to elevation changes
  • Host of the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980
  • 2013 Winner:  Andy Potts @ 8 hours, 43 minutes, 25 seconds

IRONMAN Lake Placid’s Olympic-Sized Appeal:

Each and every Ironman locale has its own appeal, and Lake Placid, NY takes the cake for scenery and family-friendly environment. Although the course has been considered one of the toughest, it’s also the most appealing for its backdrop and the vacation atmosphere it provides for competitors and their “trainers”—you know, the ones that make sure you’re up at 5am on a Sunday.
Starting with the community, Lake Placid is nestled into the Adirondacks of Upstate New York, a longtime hotspot for vacation-goers. The small town vibe makes each race comfortable and welcoming, while its capability to house events like the Winter Olympics in 1932 and again in 1980 turn the race into a world-class event. This environment is desirable for those athletes looking to find some focus before the race while loved ones can find numerous attractions and entertainment.
IRONMAN Lake Placid itself is said to be so challenging due to the elevation changes during the bike course, which challenges riders on an anaerobic level. And the swim through Mirror Lake may be crystal clear to the bottom, but the white rope guiding athletes also creates a magnet for swimmers to fight over. The run course holds a lot of turns, which can be a false sign of hope for racers looking for the turnaround—meaning getting into that runner zone is a must. The views are amazing enough to keep athletes excited as they peddle and sprint between small towns, and the crowds at each are equally as motivating.

A few pre-Placid tips are to take a more relaxed approach to all three courses—which may sound like an obvious statement for many seasoned pros. But given this course’s tight swimming venue, you’re better off starting wide or you’ll risk getting a few elbows to the face. And taking a more patient approach to the bike and run courses provides you with the necessary stamina for their challenging finishes. And speaking of the finish, be prepared for one of the most exciting and beautiful Ironman finish lines, which is said to pack spectators until well after midnight!


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