Are you planning to improve your swim split in 2015?

Here is an article that I read on the Triathlete Web Site regarding realistic goal setting to reach your swim potential.  For us swimmers, it is humbling to say the least.  Especially if we had hoped to really drop some time this year.

The article states that an experienced swimmer – one who is comfortable finishing the long distance course of 2.4 miles in the middle of the pack – should only expect to improve their swim split by 1-3 minutes when they increase their weekly pool time from 3 to 7 hours.  Compared to spending those 4 hours on the bike trainer could improve the bike split by 15-30 minutes.

If true, this makes me sad as I really wanted to spend more time in the pool, and less time sitting on my bike seat this year.

Ms. McLarty also mentions that a beginner could see a 15-30 minute improvement from the increase swim training as long as they spend most of their time working on technique.  Focusing on your technique will not only improve your swim split but will also help you conserve energy for the other 90% of your race day.

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