Review – Multitasking to the Max (Triathlete, Jan 2014)

In some ways, Holly Bennett gets it right in her January 2014 article in Triathlete magazine, “Multitasking to the Max” – there aren’t enough hours in the day for the lay person who balances work, life, family and triathlon training. Many of the same sentiments are shared in my November blogs (Plan Your Plan, and Doubling Up – Time Management). Two additions to the list of ways to make the most of your work time (thanks for the ideas, Beth):

• Conference calls – stretch or do planks while listening in your home office. She notes that some colleagues take conference calls while running. I’ve found that too hard. (Yes, I’ve tried it.) Instead, I’ve been known to take a few while spinning; it’s easier to take notes and you can quickly stop what you’re doing to take yourself off mute and offer a quick response.

• Shower time – she mentions a friend who stretches in the shower (ok) but also eats her snack in the shower? (Seriously?) Finding time to eat is never really my problem. In terms of “primping” or getting dressed time, the answer isn’t about wearing swim bikinis to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning (really, you can’t take 2 minutes to change?). Instead, it’s about doing your work outs Before work, and then After work, so you only have 1 shower and primp session per day. That’s maximizing your time.

So, while Holly does a great job of sharing the frustration we age groupers feel, her article really doesn’t offer many creative ways to “find time.” Instead, check out my ideas in “Doubling Up – Time Management”. Many of them are more substantial, impactful and practical. Keep searching Beth (and the rest of you Tri Parents!)

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