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For triathletes, January 1st isn’t about new year’s resolutions. It’s about the mental turn that happens when you realize triathlon season is right around the corner. Your time of rest is done; it’s Go time.

I was proud of myself for how I started. Fogginess from the NYE festivities aside, I was at the gym on the morning of January 1st for a combo spin/yoga class. Not only was I there, I had one of the best double workouts in weeks. That said, the next two day’s schedules got usurped by work, kids, and general life stuff. So, come Friday night, I was bummed; fearful of a potential trend having missed 2 workouts in spite of my quick start.

It was 7:30, and I was losing hours in the day, quickly. Sasha was hosting a friend, and content without us. Simone was getting ready to go to bed. The dog had been walked. Greg already was in leisure clothes. Things seemed settled. So, I assessed the options and did was any reasonable triathlete would consider – I left my husband at home alone with 3 kids and a dog, and hit the gym. And, it was awesome.

When I got home, about 90 minutes later, I found Greg finally relaxing on the sofa, the house relatively peaceful. I felt somewhat guilty for leaving him (especially at the start of the bedtime rituals). But I actually felt better for having gotten in my workout. Mentally and physically, I was in a better place. That means something in the grand scheme of family happiness, right? It certainly wasn’t a typical Friday night. And, I didn’t really spend much time with my family. But it was a great Friday night none-the-less.

So my question to other triathlete parents out there – is that ok? Given the option, would you have done the same thing?


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Now a 5-time Ironman finisher, Monique is starting to think that, perhaps, she might actually be an athlete. Triathlons were supposed to be a hobby to alleviate the anxiety of turning 30, but more than a decade later, and after a 5-year hiatus to start a family, she’s hooked again.

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